hello, my name is Dotty Davis, i have been reading these poems,
crying decided to contribute. if you dont feel it should be posted
i understand, just wanted to give it a try, and maybe it will lift
someones spirits. thanks.

By Dotty Davis 11-24-2003

As my life unfolds,
I can tell you a lot,
I have much wisdom stored inside.
For I have lived more than most,
And im not yet 22.

Life hasn’t been all easy,
I have known some trouble,
But I have more love to tell of than not.
I am a military spouse,
That alone, makes me stand out,
Stand out in a crowd,
Stand out in “normal” life.

But then again im no “normal” wife.
Nothing in my world is,
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I am very proud of my soldier dear.

For he has brought me here,
And though it hasn’t been all luxury,
I have seen more than most,
And im not yet 22.

Yes, I did leave friends in the past,
And will so do again,
But a letter and pin
Will keep them close.

I packed up and left my hometown, state, and even country,
To follow love, to a foreign land.
Scared as I could be, till I seen my love.

We’ve settled down here, had a baby and all,
He’ll never know the schools here or any friends,
For now our “tour” is up,
And we must be on our way.

I only have a minute to spare,
Then we will be flying
To our new home,
Rerooting and meeting new friends,
Maybe if were lucky we’ll run by a few old ones too.

So im sorry if this is hurried,
Catch me down the road,
And ill share more adventures,
More trips and stories I can tell
More than most,
And im not yet 22.

Yes this is what it means to be a Army Spouse….
This is my life, it’s a little more than most.