The Army Wives Seal

 The Army Wives Seal

I received a plaque with The Army Wives Seal in 1991, while at Ft. Ord,
from my husbands battalion commander's wife, Kitty Jordan. We became good
friends during that time. Kitty always had a positive attitude and I found
myself getting involved because she was there. Kitty died just 3 years
later of brain cancer and it made me think more about her and her role as
an Army wife. Here is what that tribute says:

The eagle at the top of the circle represents the Army Wife, who in
protecting her nest, also protects the flag and the future it represents.
Alert and poised, she is ready to defend either when the need arises.

As the ultimate goal of her husband's profession is peace, so is it hers.
The olive branch held by the eagle represents this peace; her hope for an
end to wars for her husband and her children.

The lyre, symbol of harmony, gentility and romance, surrounds the four
phases of her life that she holds dear:

The cradle represents her children, her Mother - her own Motherhood. The
sheaf of wheat represents the staples and stability she provides for her
family - her duty.

The grapes represent the social life, the wine, fun, sense of humor - her
lighter side.

The open book represents her individuality and personal self-fulfillment
trur knowledge and wisdom. The person she is and becomes - her personal

The double circle enclosing all is her wedding band, symbol of eternity and
never ending love. This circle is broken only by the eagle, here a symbol
of her duty to country. For the Army Wife, the break in the circle
represents the many separations and the possible ultimate sacrifice.

Ida True Terry - 1976

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