A soldier's day

I am a proud army wife!  I also am not very good at writing poems, but one
night I was thinking of how tough my husbands job is as an infantry soldier.  I
had to write this for him.  Please add this "poem" for me.  Thank you!

A soldier's day

He raises before the sun-
and kisses her good-bye

Starts his long journey-
to what they call "a post"

Pushes himself passed his physical limit-
until his body becomes numb

Keeps a silent tongue-
while others yell and scream at him

His heavy eyes try to close to rest-
on his way back home

He then forces his tired feet slowly-
on up those many stairs

The soldiers body is shaking of exhaustion-
but his work is not done

Sluggishly he tends to his wife-
while she continues to complain

Complain of all the mess he left behind-
the night before

This angel finally rests his halo on his soft bed-
then raises before the sun again

Contributed and written by
Sara Barone
proud army wife of Spc. Barone