A Mother's Soldier

I wrote this poem for the mother of my boyfriend Matt who is
currently serving in Iraq. If you feel this poem may inspire
or uplift a family member or friend of a US soldier please
forward it on.

Thank you,
Kristine Wolf

A Mother's Soldier

As a child I was your shadow
Running in your footsteps
I watched you and I followed
And in your arms I slept

I felt your strength you were my shield
You kept the world at bay
You let me peak, yet through the window
Knowing one day I'd fly away

But I knew not then about my shadow
Which would soon appear
So time went on and years went by
Then your words "Goodbye my dear,

Your shadow's here it's at the door
Leave my arms but near do stay
Keep your eyes on heavens view
And find the footsteps of your way."

The time has come to brave my path
Keeping all that you have taught me near
To fulfill my duty to our country
With faith and love I'll persevere

Let it be my strength that you feel now
Your safety I will pursue
The time has come to take up my shield
My footsteps protecting you.

-Kristine Marrel Wolf