A Mother's Love

The steady cold drizzle of night clouds drifting minds
The scarlet moon bleeds innocently
Through the diamond filled sky as light spreads vaugly
      about the tired, bored world
The soft mist of dew falls gently on the dreams of yesterdays child
As she sleeps beautifully preserved
Truth and innocence seeps from her little tears
As she yearns for a hand to guide her throught the velvet filled room
Warm voices summon the empty spaces
As a mothers love flows into the lingering darkness
A warmness overcomes the once frightened child
She finds comfort in the widespread limbs of her kindred spirit, her
      giver of life
They embrace rather forcefully
She stares into her childs misty, angelic eyes and lays her across
      her pulsating warm chest
As a sweet lullaby fills the air between them
The breath of the once frightened child calms and peaceful
      sleep is regained
Gently laid down on the now cold sheets the child is welcomed
      by pleasants dreams
Of whisical fairies and forgiving meadows
A heartfilled kiss is placed on her tiny brow
Lightly as not to distrub the delicate flower
Sweet dreams my love, sweet dreams.

- submitted and written by Tiffiny L. Pratt