Daddy come home soon

Daddy come home soon

To my husband, a wonderful dad

We stand at the terminal gate, trying not to cry
He does not know what is going on.
Why are you leaving did he do something wrong?
He is crying for you and he wants to go too,
You tell him he can't go and that you will return,
Then you hug him and tell him good bye.
You tell him you have to go away to fight a war
So you know he will be safe another day.
As you turn to walk towards the plane, he screams
And runs after you, he does not want you to go.
You look at him and hug him one more time,

Then try to grin through the tears that are streaming
Down your face. He is so small and yet so sure that
He wants to help you win the fight.
As we leave the gate, all he screams out is
Daddy I love you, and please come home soon.

Alina Sydow, SrA, USAF

Volunteer Reason

Laying here on the cold, hard

Ground in the dead of the night

Not sure of where you are or

How long you will be there
Trying to remember why you

Had volunteered for such a job
You could be home with your

Family and friends, warm and

Safe. Yet, here you are not sure of

What to come or if you are going to

Make it. You are ready for action to

Matter when it may come or how bad

It may be. You look at a picture of your

Two little boys and remember why you

Volunteered. To ensure them a safe place

To sleep, and live life free of harm and danger.
A place where not only them but everyone

Can say what they want and do what they

Please, all because of you and the ones who

Stand beside you now, the ones that led the

Way for you and the ones that will carry on

After you. This nation is thankful for brave

Individuals such as yourself, even though the

Nation as a whole sometimes does not express it,

But you don't mind because you know that you

Are doing what is best and giving it your all,

Whether that means keeping your life and taking

Another or losing your own life for another,

That is why you volunteered to join the military

When Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty needed you most.

Alina Sydow, SrA, USAF