As I sit here

As I sit here

As I sit here and wait
I silently pray that it all will be delayed
But I know in my heart that you have to go be
With the other men and women "out to sea"

For the next 6 month's I'll hope and pray
That you'll return safely the next day
There's been a mistake they will say
He doesn't have to leave at all anyday

Then it'll be my bags we will pack
And we will no longer fight over the love we lack
I'll get on the plane and fly away
For a little over a day

Straight across the ocean I will fly
Right to the loving arms of my guy
To spend the rest of our lives
As husband and wive

We both know that this can't be
The truth is you have to go "out to sea"
I love you and you love me
And we will make it you will see

Six more months is all we have to wait
Then we will have our date
And I will be on my way
And we will be together forever everyday!

wrote for Jason Pellazari (uss salvor)
contributed by Sarah Pellazari [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]