Before you have to go...

Before you have to go...

I wrote this poem to my husband, PFC Anthony Gonzales, who is deployed to
Leigh Gonzales

Before I have to go....

An ocean apart,
our hearts beat as one.
My husband, my best friend,
a daddy to our son.

I know its you,
before I pick up the phone.
You always sense when to call,
when I feel most alone.

The conversations are simple,
we try to keep it light.
"Do you miss me like I miss you?"
"I dreamt of you last night."

"Hey babydoll,
how was your day?"
"Anything new?"
"Are the bills getting paid?"

"When are they sending you home?"
The question I always ask.
"March, April, or May,
thats what I heard last."

"Are you handling things ok?"
"How is our son?"
"I miss and love you both,
more than anyone."

"Is there anything you want to talk about
...before I have to go?"
My heart screams yes,
but my mouth says no.

I don't want this call to end.
I miss you so very much.
Your smile, your voice,
your warm and gentle touch.

There is never enough time
to tell you all I feel.
Like how I am so lucky,
to have a love this real.

As each day passes,
My love grows even more.
What wouldn't I give,
for you to walk through the door?

Each day a mixture,
of hope and of fear.
Praying you'll come home safely,
as that day draws near.

Do you know how much I love you?
Can you hear it in my voice?
The very first time I met you,
was when I made my choice....

I've loved you since that day,
did I ever tell you that?
I want nothing left unsaid,
holding nothing back.

My one and only love,
I am forever yours.
And I will be here waiting,
through this deployment, through this war.

Whatever life may send our way,
I now know we can make it through.
All I ever wanted and needed,
is what I found in you.

I love you with every inch of my
heart, body, and soul.
I just thought you should know that,
....before you have to go.

Submitted by
Leigh Gonzales