Time slips away

Time slips away

Time slips away from me like sand
Though I know this goodbye is not forever
I find it hard to understand

And I know I must be stronger
But I need to hold onto you
Just a moment longer

And I'll patiently await that blessed day
That I hold you in my arms once again
But for now I' have to give you away

As long as you come back to me
I'll give you every breath that I possess
So just close your eyes and feel me breathe

And before you turn away for the last time
Kiss my heart and whisper to my soul
Wipe the falling tears from my eyes

>From now on my soul remains so empty
And soon the rain will fall from my eyes
As I throw my heart to the sea

My sun will not rise for its sorrow
I will stay here in sweet surrender
And my heart will break again tomorrow

The essence of your weeping soul
The single last touch of your hand
How I know I can never let this feeling go

How can I live so far from my world?
My life has been stolen away
God give strength to this young girl
"Father God I pray you will hear this plea
Please keep my love safe and strong
So that one day he can come back to me

Warm his heart with love
Fill his soul with peace
Show him what dreams are made of

And at night let him hear me whisper
Smile and say to him
Remember when you first kissed her

Don't let that light of love fade from his eyes
Keep his heart beating for me
Please keep me as his heart's desire'

I'm experiencing my worst fear, life without you
Left abandoned in the dark without a light
In a world of lies searching for the One Truth

Promise me you'll always know this one thing
That I love you Brock Lane Roberts
You are the reason I am living

Once you're gone will you still know my face by heart?
Will you still remember the sound of my voice?
Can you still turn my soul into your art?

Please don't forget me when you lay down to sleep
Remember all that you have come to know
Don't give up the dreams that you once told me

I'll watch you fade away into the unknown
Then I'll turn and walk away
Only to wait for you to come back home

Through my tears that escape my eyes
I will suppress my fears
And say to you
Good Bye

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