Your Leaving Again.
The Word Has Come Down.
Another Six Month Tour.
My Heart Starts To Pound.

I Know What's Coming,
As Your Duffel Bag We Pack.
After Doing It So Many Times,
I Really Have The Knack.

Each Minute Brings Us Closer,
To That Dreaded Awful Day,
When You Go Aboard The Ship,
For The Days Called "Underway."

Each Awful Word I Said To You,
While We Waited For This Tour,
Was Just The Pain Talking,
Because I Hurt Down To The Core.

Although I Know You Have To Leave,
I'd Do Anything To Hear You Say,
"There's Been A Huge Mistake,
And They Now Say I Can Stay."

But I Know There's No Mistake,
And You Are Leaving Me Again.
To Go Sail Upon The Ocean,
With The Other Women And Men.

Well, Now The Countdown's Over.
The Day Is Finally Here.
When We Must Painfully Drive You,
To That Cold And Windy Pier.

I Swore To You I'd Be Brave,
And I Tried With All My Might,
But I Could Feel The Tears Start To Fall,
As They Began To Blurr My Sight.

You Held Me Close To Comfort Me,
But I Knew Down Deep Inside,
That If It Were Appropriate,
You Too, Would Start To Cry.

It's Hard To See Your Pain,
Because Of My Own Pain In My Heart,
And I Know You Can't Say The Words,
As It Would Be Too Hard To Part.

But I Stand There On The Pier,
And Bid My Last Farewell.
Then Watch You Board The Ship.
Then Sit And Listen For The Bells.

The Bells That Signal, "All Is Aboard,"
And They Are Ready To Depart,
For The Six Months You'll Be Gone.
For The Many Days We'll Be Apart.

Goodbye My Love, For Now.
Take Good Care Of You For Me.
I Hope You Can Feel The Love I Send,
As You Sail Upon The Sea.

Just Remember When Your Homesick,
That We'll Be Here Homecoming Day.
So Carry With You, All My Love,
While You Spend Your Days "Underway."

written by: MICHELLE
L. DILLMAN [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.