Unsaid Words

Unsaid Words

By Vickie Plummer
There were words ... that I could not say,
As you were leaving ... when reality took you away.
No need to say them ... you felt them instead,
For the heart speeks loudly ... words left unsaid.

I sit amongst the shadows ... so no one can see,
The unsaid words ... written all over me.
My heart then spoke these words ... loud enough for me to hear,
To remind me that this is who you are ... and there's nothing for me to fear.

So as I wave goodbye ... there are words that I cannot say,
For there are no words good enough ... that could ever make you stay.
Words are so powerful ... they can change the way you feel,
But the absence of them says so much more ... about a love so real.

So when you get lonely ... and you wonder if you made the right choice,
Just close your eyes and listen ... your heart will speak my voice.
Words that you never heard ... but felt within your heart,
Words that will keep you safe and secure ... while we are apart.

.....words are so powerful, they can change the way you feel,
.....but the absence of them says so much more, about a love so real.

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