September 11

There’s nothing worse than hearing him say
"You will not hear from me after today"
He said "don’t worry I promise I will come home to you"
I knew he was scared but I could see through
He had already been gone for a six-month haul
But Sept. 11 changed it all
His voice was shaky, filled with fear
He told me in my heart he’d hold me near
I knew then my life would change
How much was the question that still remained
Days came and went and I did not hear
My nights were just filled with fear
Christmas and our Anniversary passed us by
Still no word and I didn’t know why
News by day, tears by night
That’s the way I lived my life
Until one day I answered my phone
And heard "Baby, its me and I’m coming home"
I dropped to the floor at the sound of his voice
The pride that I felt was nothing of choice
I was afraid I would never see him again
I was so worried that I would loose my very best friend
He said, "I told you I would come home to you"
"I told you we would be together forever; me and you"

Tina Quirk