Loose ends

As you tie up loose ends
Prepare to go on your way
I long to hold you
I wish I could ask you to stay

Knowing that you do what it is that you do
and you do it so well
I can overlook the small things
I can walk through the small moments of hell

Pack your bag, don't forget the picture of us
As I kiss you goodbye, as you board the plane
with tears in my eyes I'll tell you once more how much I love you
and what keeps us together, now and always in God we trust

I'll write you a letter tonight
One of a hundred, probably more
you'll never know it, but my tears will flow freely to the floor
When the phone rings I'll answer, full of hope
you'll hear the smile in my voice
I miss you
I want you
I need you
I love you
No matter what happens, you're in my heart
Standing by you always, loving you unconditionally is my choice.

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