How can I do this?

 How can I do this?

I stand at the door,
you kiss me good-bye.
The day goes on,
and I try not to cry.

Darkness has fallen,
the night has come.
I just can't make myself do,
what needs to be done.

Here before me where I stand,
I stare looking at our bed.
Trying to remember every last word,
that you might have said.

How can I do this?
Sleep alone in this place?
Silent tears come,
and roll down my face.

I say a prayer,
for you this night.
Please make my sailor's days
happy and bright.

I pray for me too.
God please keep me strong.
For this is our choice,
and the days will be long.

But the days will come,
time will seem like it flew
the tears may come,
but this I can do.

For this is our life
the path we have taken.
And when you come home,
My heart will stop it's aching.

~~ Nikki Abernathy~~

contributed by Nikki Abernathy [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.