A Girlfriend's Six Month Cruise

 A Girlfriend's Six Month Cruise

Summer is ending, and I wish you were here
For Autumn is coming, it’s that time of year.
We could go driving or hiking all around
Or sit and drink cider in the middle of town.
My birthday has past, I’m a year older now,
Just was not quite the same without you somehow.
That’s one month behind us, just five more to go,
I am praying they all do not pass too slow.

Well, Autumn is here, in it’s full glory now,
Reds, yellows, and browns everywhere can be found.
Football is the pastime on everyone’s mind,
A jersey for you I am trying to find,
To remind you of home while you’re out to sea,
To look at, to hold, and remind you of me.
Halloween came and went, like nothing was wrong,
But how can that be, for you’re not here at home?

Winter is closer, there’s a nip in the air,
And for once in my life, I don’t even care.
Thanksgiving was hard, people just couldn’t see,
Why should I be thankful? You weren’t here with me.
This year not even the hustle and bustle
Of shopping and gifting has cheered me at all.
Trimming the tree, and all those bright colored lights,
Can not comfort or hold me all through the night.

Gifts are bought, boxed, and wrapped, put under the tree,
I wonder what you’re doing, this Christmas Eve.
The season this year, was a somber affair.
I could not help but stare, at your empty chair.
Faith and goodwill, and ringing in the New Year,
I resolve that this year, I shed not one tear.
We are over the hump, four months have now past,
Two months more I must make old memories last.

Bitter cold, snow, and ice blow in with a blast,
How long can this winter storm possibly last?
Feet of snow block the door, inside I must stay,
How I wish you were here, not so far away.
This Valentine Day saw no smile on my face,
I worried about you, in some far off place.
Five months have now closed, only one more to go,
And somehow I know, it will pass oh so slow.

My depression of late has lifted away,
For now every hour brings closer the day.
The day I have yearned for, hoped for, and prayed for,
The day that the ocean returns you to shore.
Nervousness grips me, as I stand on the pier,
Waiting for that first glimpse of you to appear.
As I see you come toward me, one thing I know,
With my arms around you, I’ll never let go.

By: Danielle Mattingly
May 10, 2001

contributed by Danielle Mattingly [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.