As I rub the sleep gently from my eyes With coffee in hand I await the sunrise
I sit quietly enjoying the peaceful morning The pain reaches out, into my heart
it is roaring
All I want is to dream of you in sleep Instead I sit here and quietly weep
The sun has come up my day has begun I best get a move on lots to be done
But on this day it seems I have found To missing you my heart will be bound
I go to the closet it is time to get dressed Your shirt you left hangs clean
and unpressed
With tears in my eyes I take it down Your cowboy shirt light color of brown
I remember the day you last had it on So strong so handsome before you had gone
I wrap it around me like a warm embrace I close my eyes to see your sweet face
Soon you'll be home to stop all the hurt Until
that day I'll stay wrapped in your shirt

Dee Perkins

contributed by Dee Perkins [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.