When you leave

This poem is for my soon to be fiancé PVT Hampton I'll love you for the rest of
our lives Together always in mind, body and spirit I think about you all the
time, Baby you blow my mind Come back soon I miss you darling

-=When you leave…

When you leave I crawl up in our bed

The nest that we have made

A place that stores our memories and our love

I lye there and think

What are you doing?

What are you thinking?

I start to cry

I hold my rabbit tight

The one thing that is closer to being with you

I see your picture

Crying myself to sleep

Eager for your presents

Wanting you to come back home

But I know there is a job to be done

I feel you soul embrace my body

Your strong arms that wrap around me

You nestle your head in my chest

I hear your voice wispier

“Shhhh!!!! Baby no tears, I’m here, you can rest now, I’ll never let you go”

At last the comfort I have been aching for

You look up at me and smile

I smile back to you

We laugh with complete happiness

You say “I’ll be home soon, be strong for me darling”

Benjamin you will feel the love in my heart

I will tell you we will never be apart

Feeling a gentle kiss on the forehead

You must have to go

I wake up to see the rising sun

To find a new day has begun

I pull the shades up

I look out the window

There stands a butterfly nesting in a rose

As beautiful as the life we have made

For now, you will come and go

But I will always know

Some day baby, you will be here to stay

Wendy Jackson

contributed by Wendy Jackson  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]