Waiting 2


by the phone,
which never rings,
the whole time,
as I sit by,
waiting patiently.

Waiting… wondering,
what is keeping you,
from calling me,
just to let me know,
all is well, while I am,
waiting, wondering.

Waiting… worrying,
still you remain,
as quiet as,
my silent phone,
leaving me alone,
waiting, worrying.

Waiting… impatiently,
by the damn phone,
which does not ring,
as I sit here alone,
cursing at it,
waiting, impatiently.

Waiting… fuming,
berating you,
through the distance,
for ignoring me,
while here I sit,
waiting, fuming.

Waiting… crying,
quietly first,
bawling next,
clutching the phone,
to my heart,
waiting, crying.

Waiting… guiltily,
for getting mad,
blaming you,
for a job you love,
which keeps me,
waiting, guiltily.

Waiting… irritated,
no task you do,
takes this long,
you must be out,
as I sit here,
waiting, irritated.

Waiting…no more,
your call I got,
your voice I hear,
all is well,
we’ll talk again soon,
waiting, no more.

Waiting… patiently,
Once again….

Danielle Mattingly
11 January 2001

contributed by Danielle Mattingly [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]