Waiting Patiently

Waiting Patiently

Hi, my name is Rochelle Kaiser. I am engaged to a Marine and I wanted to post
him this poem on the internet. I would love if you would post it for me.
I am waiting patiently for our special day to arrive.
It has been over a year already so I think I will survive.

It hasen't been so easy, but yet it hasen't been too hard.
It helps keeping up with hour long phone calls and sending many cards.

Some days I feel his closeness, as if he is really here.
Other days go by slowly and I can't wait until he's near.

Our great time we do spend together is really unexplainable.
So no matter how hard this is we know it is sustainable.

I suppose this could be a test to see if I could be a Marine Corps wife.
To see if I can handle the absence of him in my everyday life.

Well, as time is passing on, the stronger we continue to grow
That is what keeps us together because that is what we know.

As hard as it may seem, to say another goodbye
We know that in the end, that together we will be alive.

contributed by Rochelle Kaiser [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]