This is a poem I wrote as a comfort to myself and 2 of my friends here at
school.... the three of us have boyfriends in the Army, their boyfriends are
stationed in Korea...... maybe some others can find comfort in this as

They call it a brotherhood
And we know they're right
But who do we turn to
When we can't sleep at night?

We wish we could call them,
But tell ourselves, "Don't....
...He needs to sleep--
If I'm crying- he won't."

They may have big muscles
But we have strength too
For when we're alone
We simply make do

We turn to each other
And trust that she'll know,
No-- not what to say,
But just let your tears go....

All the tears we hold back
From our big, strong, brave men
While they're off protecting us
We're here protecting them:

From our fears and our tears
That would just break their heart.
Talking calmly while crying
Has become quite an art.

My friend, you know me-
Please trust that I know you;
We've made our own sisterhood
Together we'll make it through.
By: Beth M. Miner

contributed by Beth M. Miner [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]