-=My Mind Wonders Everyday

I wrote this poem for my fiance who is in bootcamp right now and it really
means a lot to me. So if you can I would really appreciate it if you would post
-=My Mind Wonders Everyday

How long the army will keep you away
I'm lost without you,

This whole situation is totally new
You're gone away and with a new CREW

It may be hard but I am here
I'll always be by your side you have nothing to fear

I'm sitting and waiting for you to call
But knowing 5 minutes is nothing at all

Even though it's always nice to hear your vioce
But baby all of this was our choice

The days seem like years without you near
I wish all of this would soon become clear

I know we can do this, we've done it before
Remember, you helped me run out the door

I left you, not knowing what would coem of us
But through all of this we'll have gained more trust

No matter what I will always wait
See babe all of this is our fate

James, even if we are a million miles apart
You're the only one who'll ever have my heart

I will always love you! -Christine

contributed by Christine [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.