Loving a Navy SEAL

Loving a Navy SEAL

This poem is dedicated to my Navy SEAL. I wrote this poem straight from the heart while I was supposed to be studying for my finals. Sitting at the library being restless and I had to write something. He is all that I think of and is on my thoughts...always.
I love you. Be safe and please come home soon.
(I wrote this before he left earlier this year, he has been in the Gulf ever since)
God Bless everyone one of the troops and their families back home.

Loving a Navy SEAL
Every day, every night
I look into the sky
I'm thinking about him
While the time passes by
I'm saying my prayers
And I'm asking the Lord
To please look over him
Protect him as he protects us
God, I really love this man
Fate is letting us stay in touch
It also says no need to rush
If it's meant to be
It will all eventually fall into place
I should be trusting you
And stop my race
While pushing him, I will lose my face

No, I won't let that happen
I will be patient and faithful
To you, to him I trust
I will and I must
His way of life is hard
I'm so trying to understand
Trying not to ask
But I care so much
I'm trying but sometimes, I just can't

I'm thinking of him daily
And while sitting here
I consider myself lucky
No need to fear, he will be here
With me
Sooner or later, who knows
Some day, some time
When the time is right
He will be near

Written by: name withheld at submitter's request