Just Look At The Stars

 Just Look At The Stars

I remember the day
My Marine walked away
“ I’ll see you later tonight”
Are the words he did say

In reality we would
Be apart for far too long
I just looked and smiled
For I had to be strong

Right before he left
To go out to sea
We told each other
Together we would always be

He told me that
No matter where we are
We can look up
And see the same stars

So whenever we start
To feel somewhat out of place
We look at the stars
And picture one another’s face

We only think of the
Good times we had
Doing this every night
Keeps up from feeling sad

So tonight when you
Look at all of the stars
Remember he is looking
Too just as you are

Written by La’Rue on September 30,2001

contributed by Larue D Abram [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.