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When Father and Baby Meet

       "When Father and Baby Meet"

I have this child inside of me,
But at birth her father she will not see.
She will not here his loving tone,
unless it is over the telephone.

She will not see the love in his eyes,
The eyes that I know she'd idleize.
She will not know his safe imbrase,
Or see the love upon his face.

For her father now is far away,
Fighting "The War on Terror" people say.
So for now I will try to be strong,
And let her know she is not alone.

In my arms I will hold her tight,
And tell her her daddy loves her every night.
I will let her know that it won't be long,
Until her dad is safe at home.

A few more months is all she'll wait,
Then we'll see her dad come through the gate.
I can not wait till they get to meet,
That sight I know will be so sweet.

I can not wait until that day is here,
He'll see me smile from ear to ear.
What a wonderfull moment that I will see,
For the first time face to face they both will be.
    Written by Heather Donald for Eric Donald
    Who is currently stationed in Afghanistan.


I look at the news before my eyes can even focus
a man died while I slept, nobody even noticed
I pray it wasn't him, but I know it was someone
think about the family,  today someone lost their husband, father, or son

Check for signs of life, any I can find
did he log on or email.. nope.. now it's all a matter of time
I go and get their breakfast, the kids still gotta be fed
I've still gotta be a mother, even though I just wanna crawl back into bed

I do my daily chores, laugh and play the role
thinking of him always.. the pain runs deep down through my soul
go check again, hoping, he's made it back alive
still nothing, but 9 hours ahead, means it's only 8:45

phone rings, heart drops.. please don't let it be the call
'yes it's me' I say.. oh; it was a wrong number after all
no idea what he's doing, but I still wonder anyway
gotta stop thinking for a while, take the kids outside to play

cook a supper that'll feed - two kids and myself
doesn't matter what it is, there's always too much left
bathtime's finally over.. the kids are tucked in bed
"make sure you tell daddy you love him, he can still hear you in his head"

I hear the message tone.. run to see if it's really him
thank God!! we made it through another day, now it's time to start again.

Truly Aldridge

In Love With A Soldier (But Not The War)

In Love With A Soldier (But Not The War)

by Carla M. Bisagni


There’s something about a military man

That makes women stop in their tracks and stare.

The mystery, the intrigue, the upright bearing

Makes one wonder what’s hiding under there.

He’s the one who looks right at you when he talks,

And knows just how to please you.

If something’s wrong, he makes it right

In order to appease you.

He stands up for whatever he believes in, no matter what

And stays beside you through times of strife.

It takes a very special person

To live and love the military life.

I myself fell in love with a soldier,

But he is all that and so much more.

He has seen many countries and cities,

And even fought overseas in war.

I miss his smiling face and blue eyes when he’s gone,

And he holds me tightly in his arms when he’s here.

We hold hands, laugh, smile, and always have fun,

To his heart he holds me dear.

Why do I love him, many ask,

Knowing he could be called to deploy.

My answer is that our time together is precious,

And it fills my heart and mind with joy.

It doesn’t matter that he’s married to the Army,

For in my eyes he is so much more.

I’m in love with a man who just happens to be a soldier

But I don’t have to be in love with the war.


He is my rock when I am not strong,
He is my shoulder to cry on,
He is my blanket when I am cold,
He is my strength when I am weak,
He is my husband,
He is my children's father,
He is my best friend,
He is my hero,
He is my Sweet Pea,
He is my MP!



My Husbands Coming Home,
and theres so much to do
I'll have to mow the lawn one more time
and make a thing or two
I need to make a huge ole sign
for all the world to see
that Nicholas and Mommy
having been waiting eternity
I'll have to go out shopping,
for all his favorite things,
don't forget his dinners,
his favorite things to eat,
I'll have to go and get
something nice for us to wear,
even though I know its him,
he really won't care,
cause all he wants is us
his wife and baby boy
he's been waiting just as long
to have us and to hold,
I'll have to get someone to take pictures
when he arrives, so I can capture the
look within both of our eyes,
that he's finally home
and we can finally be
the family of ours,
Our family of Three.
~Alivia Schwab 06'