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Women Put Personal Touch On Networking

Article provided by Resume to Referral. Learn how to let opportunity knock on your career door. When it comes to networking, this time, it's personal.

Women and men think, work, and respond differently. That's no secret. And when it comes to networking, women are rewriting the book.

Business networking is about making connections. Regardless of who is doing the networking, it's a concept that can make or break a career. Legendary business authority Peter Drucker once said that "More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject."

Drucker's comment underscores the importance of establishing personal business connections, whether you're a man or woman. While men tend to take a strategic approach toward networking without establishing close bonds, it's a style that doesn't particularly work well for most women. Women are drawn more to connecting on a personal level when it comes to business, developing relationships in more intimate ways instead of just sticking to the task at hand.

Women have taken networking off the golf course and away from the three martini lunch. When women network, they tend to stick more to nonwork subjects in order to form a personal connection. That's not to say that the business of networking isn't addressed. Women tend to focus more on the conversation aspect, regardless of the setting. And those settings are changing rapidly.

As the business environment increases globally, there has become a urgent need for networking to take place on a more virtual level. Social networking and software has provided tools to meet this demand. Online networking groups have become extremely popular for busy women. WorldWIT (www.worldwit.org) is both an online and offline network for women in the business and technology field. With more than 80 chapters worldwide, the service connects approximately 40,000 women across different career fields. Daily email discussion groups focus on everything from business to finance, and technology to childbirth.

Outside the virtual world, there are many places for women to network in that wouldn't be classified as a typical venue.  Volunteer groups, social clubs, coffee houses, spas, nail salons, gyms and parks can all be casual environments that serve dual purposes of business and pleasure. A nonprofessional setting can actually be more rewarding and beneficial than a conference where the business cards and handshakes are scattered around the room in shotgun fashion. Networking with one person for 25 minutes usually yields better results than spending five minutes with five people.

Boosting your career opportunities is what networking is all about. And, unless you have an agent, it's necessary to start with self-promotion. And a little self-promotion can go a long way in the process. A networking process that can help find a job, find candidates, improve a professional life and better manage work and nonwork responsibilities.