Communicating from Afar

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"Thanks to a relatively new and undiscovered online greeting card system, selecting, designing and sending cards from anywhere in the world to the folks back home in the U.S. is easier, quicker and cheaper than ever," said Judy Campbell, licensed distributor of greeting cards and gifts. "Here is a site that allows easy selection of cards from its database of over 10,000 cards with the click of a mouse. You can type in your own special message - in various font styles and colors and sizes - including your own handwriting once submitted to - enter in your recipient's name and address, add it to your contact manager database - and click send!"

The cost of entry is a mere $99 for the system, plus "points" that can be purchased and applied to the cards, costing anywhere from 31 cents for a custom postcard to 62 cents for a greeting card to 93 cents for a custom greeting card with one's own photos! Postage is added to each at the current rate of 44 cents per card. By comparison, few cards on the market today cost less than $1.99, while most range from $2.39 to $3.99 or more.

The system is a dream come true for offshore personnel who want to get a real, paper card sent home fast. The cards mail the next day via first class mail in the U.S. (Salt Lake City) to the recipient's address.

Check out the service at or call JudyLovesCards at 541.389.9531 to learn more!

So, for the serviceperson who gets a bit behind on sending cards, or who simply feels a sudden prompting to communicate in writing via a special card for a loved one, is a real blessing.