Army launching new TV series showing real lives of Soldiers

By Don Wagner January 30, 2017

FORT MEADE, Md. (Army News Service) -- Soldiers Broadcasting is launching its newest video series called "Soldiers" Tuesday on Defense TV, YouTube and the new Soldiers webpage.

"These videos showcase the American Soldier in action, preparing for and conducting missions every day around the globe," said Maj. Gen. Malcolm B. Frost, Army chief of Public Affairs. "Soldier skills, grit, commitment and character will be on full display. You will be inspired by the Soldiers who defend our nation as part of the greatest team on earth."

The first episode of the series will follow an M-1 tank crew training and showcase the readiness and enduring value of Army forces. 

"The series aims to excite and inspire viewers as they experience the dedication and excellence of this nation's Army Soldiers, Family members and veterans," said Peter Ising, one of the show's producers. "[The series] displays Soldiers in their element and their readiness to defend the United States and its allies."

"Soldiers' stories are exciting, inspiring; they move. We want people to feel the way we feel about Soldiers," said Lance Milsted, Soldiers Broadcasting executive producer. "When we created the 'Soldiers' series, we wanted to create something different, something original and, above all, something compelling."

The first season consists of four episodes that will debut on a monthly basis, February through May:

-- February -- "Seeding Excellence (Sullivan Cup)" follows an M-1 tank crew training at Fort Stewart, Georgia, through its competition at the biannual Sullivan Cup gunnery competition at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

-- March -- "Best Medic" follows two Soldiers as they compete in the Army Best Medic competition at Camp Bullis, Texas. The competition tests their abilities as Soldiers and as medics in scenarios they might encounter in the real world.

-- April -- "Workforce Warrior" takes a close look at the process of transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce and examines how work-study programs are helping veterans. The segment highlights a Soldier who is taking advantage of one such program while also working in a bakery and the Soldier for Life program.

-- May -- "Empire Shield" explores the work of members of the New York National Guard who have been assisting the New York City Police Department and Department of Homeland Security safeguard New York City as part of Task Force Empire Shield. The segment highlights individual readiness and homeland defense.

"Our team of Soldiers and civilians will go where Soldiers and their families live, train, and work to support and defend America and American interests -- wherever that is -- Alaska, Africa, or Afghanistan," explained Michael Burnette, Soldiers Broadcasting chief. "This new original feature series is their story."

The show will be available online beginning Jan. 31 at or It can also be viewed on Defense TV. The Defense TV app can be downloaded for free on iOS mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast.