News Military discount offer


My name is Amanda and I work for  I'm contacting you about our new Military Discount program.  I came across your website and can see that you offer information to military personnel and I thought you might be interested in getting the word out about our Military Discount program. 

Our program is free to join - we just ask that applicants send proof of current military service.  To receive our 15% off discount, Military personnel can go to and click on the contact us link to apply.

We'd greatly appreciate it if you could post our link on your site or spread the word about our program through your newsletter or blog or however you see fit.  We have great respect for our armed forces and the services they provide and would like to show our gratitude by offering this discount. 

I am a real person and can easily be reached by email any time or by phone Monday - Friday from 8am - 3pm PST at (805) 748-3968.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I'd also love to hear from you if you decide to help promote our Military Discount Program just to be able to say thanks!

We are also offering a military discount on our other 2 websites.

Simply Kids Toys- 10% off all purchases (free shipping included)

Simply Kids Furniture - 15% off all purchases (free shipping included)

Thank you kindly for your time,
Amanda Smart
Special Projects Manager
Simply Baby Furniture