DOs & Do NOTs

Dos & Do NOTs

 The DOs and Do NOTs of Moving

  1. DO - Wash your hands frequently to prevent soiling articles that are being packed.
  2. DO - Set up a work area, preferably on a large table.
  3. DO - Refrain from smoking while packing, for obvious reasons.
  4. DO - Make sure all cartons and packing materials are dry, clean and of sufficient strength to do the job.
  5. DO - Be sure cartons have lids and secure them with tape after closing
  6. DO - Pack wisely to avoid shifting of contents en route: heavier items on the bottom, lighter items on top. Keep weight of packed cartons under 50 lbs.
  7. DO NOT - pack soaps, polishes or medicines with foods.
  8. DO NOT - pack coins, currency, valuable papers, jewelry or other valuables. Carry them with you.
  9. DO NOT - pack matches, inflammables, ammunition, acid, explosives, paint or chemicals.
  10. DO NOT - pack irons, kitchenware or other heavy items in cartons with dishes.
  11. DO NOT - leave trays loose in refrigerator or stove.
Lastly - Make sure all cartons are properly labeled with contents and destination location to be unpacked (such as kitchen, bedroom, etc.).