P.L. 98-525
DODINST 1000.13
10 U.S.C. 1076

Medical care is provided to dependents who are listed on the servicemember's Record of Emergency Data contained in the service record and who have been enrolled in the DEERS program.

Upon dissolution of the marriage, the former spouse may or may not be entitled to free medical care in. a military medical treatment facility and/or be eligible for CHAMPUS benefits. This eligibility depends on the length of the marriage in relationship to the length of creditable active duty served by the military spouse.

A former spouse may be entitled to purchase the Uniformed Services Voluntary Insurance Policy (US VIP) conversion health insurance policy offered by an authorized insurance company for up to one year of coverage. Questions concerning the availability of this coverage should be directed to the local Health Benefits Advisor at any military medical facility.

Dependent children will continue to be eligible for no-cost treatment until the age of 21. Children 21 years of age and enrolled full time in an institution of higher learning are eligible for continued benefits until age 23 as long as they remain unmarried and/or dependent on the service member for 50% of their support.

If a servicemember is discharged or dismissed from the service as a result of court-martial conviction for an offense involving abuse of a dependent of the servicemember, medical or dental care may be provided for a period of up to one year, upon request.

(NOTE from BJ 'n Cindy: This was designed by and for the US Naval Service, but the information should be similar for all services. The information while deemed reliable should not be the substitute for consultation with an attorney (either civilian or military), or any other federal or state agency which may be chartered with providing assistance.)

The material in this handbook is current as of September 1993. Prepared by LCDR D. L. KARR, JAGG, USN, Naval Legal Service Office, Puget Sound.