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   Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal (NDOSM)
Service: Air Force
Instituted: 27 May 2014
Authorized: SecAF
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal (NDOSM)
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1. Personnel Eligible: The NDOSM authoried by the Secretary of the Air Force may be awarded to members of the United State Air Force who, from I June 1992 were assigned to the Nuclear Enterprise and performed duties in nuclear operations, nuclear weapon storage facilities, nuclear command. control. and communication (NC3), security, transportation, maintenance. facility management/maintenance, nuclear certified aircraft operations explosive ordnance disposal or installation Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) management, to include all Airmen assigned to nuclear missile and bomb wings regardless of career field.

Furthermore, the NDOSM will spccifically recognize Airmen who dispatch to the missile complex in direct support of ICBM operation through the use of a gold "N" device. 

The NDOSM distinguished with an "N" device will be earned only by Airmen in Missile Maintenance (21 MX, 2M0XX), Munitions and Weapons (2W0XX, 2W1XX. 2W2XX), Security Forces  (31PX, 3P0XX), Services (3M0XX), Fuels (2F0XX) Transportation (2T1XX, 2T3XX), Civil Engineering (32EX, 3EXXX), Cyberspace Support (3D1X1, 3D1X2, 3D1X3, 3D100), Operations (1 HXC, 13NX, 1A9XX); and 13SX officers on or before 9 Feb 2013) or Missile Facility Manager (8S000) who accumulate 179 non-consecutive day when dispatched to a mssile complex.

b. Degree of Participation. Active duty, Guard or Reserve AF members must be assigned, attached, deployed or mobilized for 120 consecutive or 179 nonconsecutive days to units supporting ndear deterrence to earn the basic NDOSM. To earn the NDOSM with the "N" device, Airmen outlined above must accumulate 179 non-consecutive days when dispatched to a missile complex.

2. Approval. Upon squadron oommander certification and Group Conmander (or civilian equivalent) approval. Separated or retired Airmen or those no longer assigned to a qualifying unit, request consideration for the NDOSM through AFPC provide DD Form 214 Statement of Service, reflecting honorable service in a qualifying career field with Enlisted Performance Reports or Officer Performance Reports that verify the qualifying unit and time period assigned. Retroactive eligibility for separated or retired Airmen will made upon the preponderance of evidence that confirm at least one day assigned in a qualifying unit for the basic NDOSM. 

3. Subsequent Awards. For each succeeding assignment to a unit conducting a nuclear mission a pennanent change of station must occur. No more than one medal shall be awarded to any one Service Member for the same assignment. An Oak Leaf luster will denote subsequent awards. Only one "N" device will awarded.

4. Manner of Wearing. The NDOSM shall be piaced immediately below the Air and Space Campaign Medal; NDOSM is authorized for wear immediately upon certification and approval.

5. Posthumous Awards. The NDOSM may be awarded posthumously and, when so awarded, may be presented to such representative of the deceased, as may be deemed appropriate by the Secretary of the Air Force.

Authorized Devices: Oak Leaf Clusters denote subsequent awards. A permanent change of station to a unit conducting a nuclear mission must be accomplished for a subsequent award. Only one "N" device will be awarded.

Points toward enlisted promotion: None




  • Blue represents our nuclear dominance in the sky.
  • Red represents the power and passion in which we provide strategic nuclear deterrence
  • Green represents the Earth and our global capabilities
  • Gold represents the wealth of our nuclear enterprise - our people
  • Sllver represents the rich legacy of the U.S. strategic nuclear deterrence mission


  • Atomic graphic represents the core of our mission: nuclear capability