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   United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina/International Police
Service: ALL
Instituted: 1995
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( UN ) - UNITED NATIONS
United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina/International Police
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  1. This Mission was established in December 1995 under the Resolution 1035 (1995) for a period of one year from the transfer of authority from the United Nations Protection Force (UNPF) to the multinational implementation force (IFOR). The main tasks of the United Nations civilian police force include: monitoring, observing and inspecting law enforcement activities; training and advising law enforcement personnel; facilitating, within the International Police Task Force mission of assistance, the parties’ law enforcement activities; and ensuring the existence of conditions for free and fair elections.
  2. A medal was established in August 1996 and has five equal bars. The center is white, representing peace, flanked by UN blue on either side; on the left is a stripe of light green, representing the forests in Spring in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and, on the right, a red colour symbolizing the sunrise over the mountains of this country. Ninety days of service are required for qualification. 
  3. The countries of Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Nepal, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ukraine and the United States of America provide civilian police and military personnel to the Mission.